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I finally finished one?

  • Jul. 23rd, 2010 at 3:13 PM
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So I finished that Utena/Anthy fic. Which was the last fic I started. The last fic I started was the first fic I finished. Shut up, okay.

I was ridiculously torn on what to do with the glasses. Have her take them off? If her hair is down, she has to take them off. But does that fit thematically? Maybe I just shouldn't mention them at all? She didn't wear any in the movie, after all. Something this small can cause me hours and hours of agonizing, people.

This fic. I have no explanation for this thing. What was that quote from Nanae Chrono in the Vassalord vol 1 omake? I think it was, "As you can see, I do whatever I want." Yeah. That.

God, this header is ugly.

Title: {end of the}
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV)/Adolescence of Utena (movie)
Pairing: Utena/Anthy
Rating: I have no idea how to rate this. PG-13-ish?
Wordcount: ~1050
Warnings: (skip) Same as for the series/movie - implications of incest/abuse, underage sexuality, etc.
Prompt/summary: Utena and Anthy. Akio's car. An empty space that shouldn't be. For the "vehicular" [community profile] kink_bingo square. Combines elements and characterization from the TV series and the movie and probably makes less sense than either.

>> The rows of streetlamps flicker, on-off, on-off, illuminating the nothing within.
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So I have finally watched the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series. I know, I know, wth, get with the times, etc. But anyway, I loved it! (Well DUH, I hear you saying, isn't this the sort of thing you generally lap up? Okay, so it is. I don't know what made me put it off for so long; maybe it was just the retro-shoujo art style.)

It was totally brilliant and I loved all of the surreal imagery, the commentary on the whole whore/Madonna complex in media, the subversion of female character stereotypes and fairy tale tropes and shoujo genre tropes (and the deliberate comical parodying of shoujo fanservice, omg, it killed me) and so on. I adored how complex all the characters were - especially Anthy, omg that girl was terrifying, I mean TERRIFYING, and I loved her and all of her subtle expressions and inflections and EVERYTHING to death. (Her facial expressions! Oh, they gave me chills. There were several times I gasped out loud at her changes of expression.)

Kind of wondering whether we are supposed to assume Touga and Saionji were banging. Pretty sure we're supposed to assume Touga and Akio were banging. Maybe we're supposed to assume they were all banging? Idek. The line between metaphorical implications and literal reality is never very clear in this show. But considering that Akio bangs anything that moves it is probably fairly safe to just go with "they were all banging," which I would kind of like to do because it is hilarious and also sort of embarrassingly hot.

The ending? Uh. Srsly bizarre and confusing and I only have a vague grasp on what all happened, though it was mostly satisfying; I mean, y'all know me, I love me some Weird Shit(tm), and I have seen and loved much weirder.

...And then I watched the movie.



Okay, you guys, I have seen a lot of Weird Shit(tm) in my life. But I don't think I've ever had to ask myself, "Did I seriously just sit here and watch somebody turn into a car? Did I just watch a random carwash pop up out of nowhere, suck somebody in and turn them into a car?"

I just.



What the hell did I just watch? No really. Nothing made any sense in this movie. Nothing.

On the upside, it was pretty? And that "let's draw Utena naked!" scene was pretty hot? And gives us a serious relationship text upgrade, since you don't get much more textual than naked kissing. But really, you guys, City of Lost Children is one of my favorite films, and yet the only explanation I have for the Adolescence of Utena movie is "deranged fever dream". I just don't even know.

Not that I wouldn't recommend watching it. Just. After the TV series. After.


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