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I am:
- aiming for a total of 20,000 words
- counting any original prose writing, not just in one story
- not counting automatic writing and fanfiction

So far I have 1,403 words. MY GOD, I AM PATHETIC. No, really though, I'm actually pretty happy I've managed to write for three days straight, even if my output was abysmal. And I have 300% more ideas for the story that I'm working on, which, well, considering that I started with one (1) character and nothing else, isn't really that many ideas! But it's more than I started with, so!


Re: Sacred Blacksmith ep 5, I'm seeing you talking but all I'm hearing is "TSUUUUUUUN~". Closely followed by a sulky little blushing "dere." Luke, if you keep that up I'm going to start wanting to abuse you.

more fall season anime

  • Oct. 23rd, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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But why isn't that song that played at the beginning of episode 18 of Pandora Hearts on the 2nd OST? Anyway, my animes, let me show you them.

- Watched ep 3 of Darker than Black. Seriously, the new season of Darker than Black is weird. Have there been any contractors that manifested weapons before? Why does Hei keep getting into skeevy-looking positions with that girl? And why does it seem he's gone from binge-eating to binge-drinking? Also, cats are more expressive than squirrels, is all I'm sayin'.

- Why is no one releasing the 2nd episode of Aoi Bungaku? I really enjoyed the 1st episode - unexpectedly, as I am pretty snub-nosed when it comes to deliberately depressing realist fiction, and when it comes to depressing realist fiction, no one freaking tops the Japanese. (Also, the original author of the first story seemed to be trying to set some kind of world record for number of attempted suicides in one lifetime. No seriously, look at the wiki, it starts getting almost funny after a while.)

Congratulations, Japan, through pretty, dream-like visuals and a compelling story-flow you're making me enjoy a genre I usually hate with a vicious passion. But nobody's subbing it!

- Fairy Tail ep 1 & 2: Nothing outstanding, but it's fun, and for a shounen craving it manages to hit the spot. Check it out if you like uber-cracky shounen.

- Kuchu Buranko (aka Trapeze) ep 1: Unexpectedly highly comedic. Amusing diversion, but eh, nothing mind-blowing. Nurse is so over-the-top, oh my god. The animation... Well, I don't know, it seems like they had about a million things that they said "Hey, you know what would be AWESOME?!" about, and then used them all at once, and it's a little too much. An interesting artistic exercise, certainly, but I feel like it doesn't quite hit the mark.

All I want to know is, why, for the love of god why does the doctor cream his pants every time someone gets an injection?

Next episode: Takahiro Sakurai has a chronic erection problem. Oh, Japan.

- The Sacred Blacksmith ep 1-3: Old-fashioned high-fantasy anime that begs for breastplate jokes. While it's nothing all that special so far, I'm really enjoying it - though I hope they intend on having Cecily toughen up enough to match Luke (or at least not be so utterly and completely out-classed by him). Luke is an adorable grumpy tsundere boy and you guys know how I am about adorable grumpy tsundere boys.

Look at the cute little McGrumpy face! Don't you just wanna pinch his widdle cheeks? Also, girl-lovey subtext, I can smell it.

Can has?

- Hanjuku Joshi - a yuri manga I really like! Yet another high school girls setting, but even so, it's very sweet and funny, and I dig the subversion of icky tropes. Pretty art, too.


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