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*drags self in the door*

  • Oct. 18th, 2010 at 4:32 PM
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Yeah, uh, hi. I'm not dead!

- I did have things to say about that awful female character flowchart, but there are just too many things and I don't have the capacity to say them coherently and everyone else already did anyway, but yeah. That happened.

- I have approximately a jillion emails and the like that I owe people and right now that seems so beyond me I can't even. Augh.

- On a brighter note, Malinda Lo just revealed the cover for her upcoming second book, Huntress. OMG EXCITING.

- Also, apparently sales of Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix have gone up significantly. Since it has been pulled out of bookstores, this is quite a feat. YAY! (I'd link or post the screencap of the tweet, but I waited too long and can't find it anymore, alas. [personal profile] inkstone posted a screencap here!)

Female character love friending meme!

  • Jul. 4th, 2010 at 11:27 PM
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[personal profile] anenko is running a female character love friending meme!

LJ version||DW version

(l-lol, I saw this when she posted it and was like, I will have to post to this and pimp it! Right after I finish this thing over here, and of course I promptly forgot it even existed. ;;)


  • Aug. 15th, 2009 at 11:42 PM
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Randomly, I think it is time for another round of FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME! Ten fictional ladies who are awesome, no seriously, do not argue with me, in no particular order:

1. Alice (Pandora Hearts) - Actually, although I have seen some crazy "getting in the way of their love" bullshit thrown at her, on the whole fandom is unexpectedly warm towards her. But I think Mochizuki needs to be reminded of her awesomeness or something, because her screentime's awfully scarce considering that the whole plot revolves around her.

2. Sharon (Pandora Hearts) - SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE, how can you not recognize how amazing this woman is? Even Mochizuki ignores her! She is delicate, demure, and unassuming, all the better to effectively spy on you and manipulate you to her own ends. You are all playing right into her hands, you know! :<

3. Lottie (Pandora Hearts) - D-do I even need to explain this one. If I need to explain, you are clearly not gay enough. Come back once you're gayer.

4. Kayo (Mononoke) - Kayo will always have a place on these lists. BUCKET O'SALT RIGHT IN THE KISSER, POW.

5. Kuchiha (Amatsuki) - She looks so much like a hot guy I cannot fathom why she doesn't have hordes of fangirls. And she's INCREDIBLY BAD-ASS and also totally adorable. What could be more adorable than a cranky puppy? PLUS, HAIR SCARF.

6. Orihime (Bleach) - I gave up on Bleach a long time ago, but Orihime will always have a special place in my heart. She MANIFESTED FAIRIES out of the PURE POWER OF HER CRAZY, people. How is that not awesome.

7. Seras (Hellsing) - Everyone just loves Integra - and so do I! - but for some reason, they hate Seras. WHY?! SERAS IS SO AWESOME. I MEAN I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE THE AWESOME HERE. HER CANNON. HER FUCKING CANNON. That cannon just. Sums everything up neatly.

8. Tsubaki (Soul Eater) - HOW can people still call her a doormat after seeing her backstory? SHE IS AMAZING and she has a backbone of STEEL thank you very much and she and Black Star are EPIC OTBFF and they will always have each other's backs and it is just the sweetest thing ever.

9. Amelia (Slayers) - She is adorable and badass and amazing and she knocks around a guy made of stone and oh my god shut up, okay.

10. Kyoko (Skip Beat) - Admittedly I've never heard anyone bad-mouthing her. But if I ever do, I fear I may start spewing bile so bitter the offenders' faces will melt off.


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