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Thingie of things, part the ???

  • Sep. 26th, 2010 at 6:40 AM
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- So like, I don't get the point of eyeshadow base/primer. Can't you just use foundation? What's the difference? Make-up is so confusing. :\

- Relatedly, Aromaleigh final clearance sale. I am having a difficult time restraining myself from buying ALL THE EYESHADOWS, despite the fact that I rarely wear the stuff. T-they're so pretty and sparkly ;.;

I am so sad they're going out of business you guys, what am I going to do for foundation/concealer/powder when I run out of mine? (Fortunately that should be... years, given my rate of use and how much I picked up at the sale.)

- I have had two leaks in as many weeks. Plumber dude said the other day he was out in this neighborhood fixing a leak, and about as soon as he fixed the leak and left, another pipe on the other side of the SAME APARTMENT cracked open and started pouring water down the wall, so he had to come right back. Seriously, this is ridiculous.

Both of our recent leaks were slow leaks that had been going on a while without us noticing. The one last week had been dripping into the carpet, unnoticed, the carpet mildewing horribly, and when we went to move the bookcase sitting over the wet spot, this god-awful sewage-like smell burst out of it. Yeah. That screams healthy. As if I'm not sick enough already. :| And they didn't even cut out that square of carpet or anything. I don't even know what they did, but it doesn't stink anymore, although there's still a pink stain from the mildew.

- Recently watched:

First 2 eps of Lost Girl (on some Canadian channel, I don't remember) - Wonderfully cheesy and fun urban fantasy! But seriously, they had me at "the main character is a bisexual succubus." Can we please get some makeouts with the doctor lady? Please? PLEASE. I like the doctor lady better than the shapeshifter dude. MAKEOUTS PLSKTHX.

Sherlock (the recent BBC miniseries) - I had no idea this would be so entertaining or I would have watched it sooner. He's so MANIC and COMPLETELY BATSHIT. Possibly both the creepiest and most hilarious interpretation of Sherlock ever.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) has the oddest face. It's like someone squashed a very pretty face together with a somewhat homely, weird-looking face, and the end result is sort of confusing but fascinating. I wouldn't call him handsome, but I like looking at him.

Incidentally, dude playing Watson favors Dave's dad so much it freaks me out.

White Collar - it's not quite Leverage, but it's got some of Leverage's charm, and it's really entertaining. And wassname playing Neal is some very nice eyecandy. (Although his eyes freak me out! They're so WIDE and INTENSE and MANIC. They give me the feeling that he is about to start vibrating faster and faster until he EXPLODES.)

Also: Diana! I love her so much. When she disappeared after the first episode I was CRUSHED, you guys. Then when she came back for the S1 finale I was all :DDD!!! And then she stuck around for S2! GLEE. S2 ep2 was THE BEST.

But seriously, that cliffhanger at the end of the summer half? JFC, YOU GUYS. JFC.

Man. I haven't watched this much English-language stuff in a long time. WHERE ARE THE SUBTITLES? S-sob I am actually serious I keep missing so much of what they're saying. ;____;
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I have come to the conclusion that although I am slightly more attracted to men than women, the range of what I find attractive in men is way, way narrower than what I find attractive in women. I mean, it's not like I'm attracted to all women or anything, but there's no one type of woman that does it for me. Of course I have an especial thing for the slender, hard bifauxnen type, but beyond that, thin women, thick women, tall, short, fair, dark, sultry, boyish, it just... doesn't really matter about specifics.

Sorry guys, I only like select specimens among you. :P

Incidentally, this morning I was having these crazy, vivid but disjointed dreamlets that were all sort of loosely linked together; they involved a lot of lesbian sex between several pairs of people and NAKED ERIC (from True Blood) and I just...

my subconscious is very confused okay

Aug. 19th, 2010

  • 5:21 PM
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Went to the SS office today b/c I needed to request a new SS card. Lady that helped me had freaking gold eyes. They were amazing. Didn't look like contacts either. I'm sitting there thinking, "She's pretty..." and then she looks up and I'm like, WHOA.


I wish I had Mary Sue eyes... ;_;
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So I had the disturbing realization today that I don't remember how to do long division. I mean, this is like, pretty basic math, isn't it? Do I seriously not remember how to do anything past adding, subtracting, multiplying, and the kind of simple division where the numbers have the decency to make some goddamn sense?

Man, forget remembering anything from high school algebra, I'm pretty sure we learned the basics of long division before I even got out of elementary school.

I feel like my brain was just waiting for a moment when I wasn't looking and then it like, opened up the top of my skull on a hinge and started GLEEFULLY throwing this shit out, like "WHEEEEE! \:DDD/ NOW I CAN FINALLY GET RID OF THIS CRAP!" It's forming a trail behind me as I wander around and I'm all blissfully unaware, like "doo dee doo, let's internet!" and as I sit there with the blue glow on my face I start drooling a little as I slowly become stupider and stupider, and I have no idea what the hell is happening to me.

Realizing that you spent all those hours being tortured in a classroom having lots of numbers and funny symbols and formula hammered forcefully into a brain that considers them tantamount to poison and that all those hours were pretty much useless because now you don't remember any of it is sort of... soul destroying.

God, I hate math.

Apr. 15th, 2010

  • 4:09 PM
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Oh my god I was sure my spine had retethered. Oh my god.

brb deflating w/relief


Tarot readings, incense, augh, etc.

  • Jan. 9th, 2010 at 8:04 AM
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Augh, I hate this whole not posting thing. IT MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I DON'T EXIST. I gotta get back into the rhythm.

Anxiety is way out of hand, my hair is falling out (in tufts! JESUS CHRIST, my hair has gotten so thin and limp all in the space of about a month!), and I just know going to the doctor is going to result in yet another "uuuh we dunno" and they'll send me home without any other leads to follow. Otoh, I have an actual solid physical symptom presenting itself in an observable way? Maybe that will put a fire under their asses?

Also I have to go for an MRI in Feb. to make sure my spine is still okay. Uneasy. EXTREMELY UNEASY. The thought that it might not be scares the hell out of me, because as much hell as my last surgery was, I am sure, as perpetually ill as I am now, that it would be 10 times worse if I had to do it again.


Um, anyway. I need some money for incense making supplies. Therefore! Tarot reading sale. 5 slots open, $6.50 a pop, done through email. Comment and I'll give you my paypal email. You can send me your query with your payment or separately to my main email (branewurms at suddenlink dot net).

General info: I usually use a star-shaped, 8 card spread that I modified to meet my own tendency of reading towards a "problem solving" angle, but you can ask just about anything and I can find or modify a layout for it. (Well, you can't ask what the winning lottery number is going to be, har har.) Please note that it may take up to a week for me to get back to you (usually it's less, but I'm a slow reader and tend to ruminate forever and a day so I like to play it safe).

1. taken


Also, just to get a general idea here, who might be interested in purchasing incense from me if I make a largish batch? Each bundle would likely be 15-20 sticks, around 4" long, and I'd charge between 4 and 6 dollars a bundle. The scent will be very frankincense-y, with sandalwood and cedar, spice, and labdanum - a very bright and warm scent. They will probably not be packaged in any fancy way since I'm still struggling to find feasible packaging options.
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Oh, and in case you wondered what became of the incense poo (because I'm sure you were all just dying to know):

The little box on the left is what Dave made to put them in. Our printer decided to run out of yellow on the last box. RAGE.

I packaged them in plain brown boxes with red and green rafia bows.

Aren't they cute? ♥ Dave's sisters seemed to be impressed. I'm pleased with my little X-mas project. (Though not with my printer. :E)

Our tree! My god, the presents look ridiculous, it looks like we're rich or something. (And it looks like a tissue factory had a catastrophic explosion there in the back.) Man, my whole theory of "buy lots of inexpensive things because people have more fun opening more presents"? DOWNSIDE! The wrapping supplies end up costing almost as much as the presents! Not to mention wrapping that many things was exhausting.

On the other hand, I am awesome at finding deals. I got some fairly nice things for everyone and I think the only person I spent more than 15 bucks on was my mom. (Minus candy-making and wrapping supplies, of course.) I got a 20 dollar scone mix for literally the cost of sales tax! (Although I somehow still felt like I was getting ripped off, because seriously? 20 dollars? For a little bag of scone mix? SERIOUSLY? It called itself "extra-special". All I can say is, you damn well better be "extra-special".)


Anyway, I hope everyone is having/has had a nice holiday season!

gasppppppp ow

  • Dec. 19th, 2009 at 1:17 AM
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I approve of this macro.

Anyway you guys, seriously, oh my god, I can barely remember my own name right now. I keep finding emails and comments I've forgotten to reply to. If I've failed to answer something you've asked or something, please to be smacking me so I remember, REALLY.

I've been trying to find time to work on those prompts but I've only gotten a little bit done. Augh. So much for writing an hour a day, too. I guess I'll have to mostly do them after X-mas. (Damn good thing I decided not to sign up for Yuletide.)

I don't remember last Christmas being this hard, srsly. I go out for an hour, maybe two, come back home and have to recover for the rest of the day. Will I even be able to move next year? :|


  • Oct. 18th, 2009 at 10:14 PM
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Two days ago, there was a catastrophe. I asked Dave to make coffee. He went to do so. He pushed the on button. I waited. Time passed. I waited some more.




Dave sighed, put the kettle on the stove, and then proceeded to very slowly and painstakingly dribble hot water into the filter basket until we had a pot of coffee.

OH SWEET MERCY I said and proceeded to lick the carafe.*

On the downside, standing over a dead coffee maker dribbling hot water into it is not fun. On the upside, it works, and thus we have not had to do such a ghastly and unthinkable thing as to go without (shudder) for three whole days, and as of today, we have a nice shiny new coffee maker. And it was on sale! Yey.

*Okay, so maybe I didn't really lick the carafe. But I wanted to.


A crazy, I has it

  • Oct. 4th, 2009 at 8:17 PM
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Recently, I was sitting in my car listening to music, and it got to a part in the song that I usually really like, and usually think sounds very green. Only this time it was kind of unpleasant and yellow. I immediately determined that this was because I was feeling a little nauseated; nausea is high-pitched and yellow, and this part of the song was similarly high-pitched, so the unpleasant yellow was bleeding through over that frequency.

Then I thought that this was probably not a very normal thought to have.

I love this park

  • Sep. 27th, 2009 at 7:06 PM
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Too bad it won't be green like that for much longer. ;_;


I love you, mr. meatbun

  • Sep. 17th, 2009 at 4:49 AM
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Still not dead! Just still feeling like ass! And inexplicably sleeping ridiculously long hours! Although I seem to have regained the ability to read, which, I mean, thank something for small favors, I guess. I need to post about some of the amazing books I've read recently. But that will have to wait. In the meantime...

Dave made gluten free meatbuns!

They are rather ugly meatbuns, on account of the fact that there is only so much one can do with gluten free bread batter -- and believe me, it's batter, not dough. It looked for all the world like he had gone completely nutballs and was frosting little meatballs with buttercream frosting, I tell you. But the important part: THEY ARE DELICIOUS. They taste like meatbuns! Like yummy steamed meatbuns!

For the curious, we used Kinnikinnick Kinni-Kwik Bread & Bun Mix for the bun part (which steamed to an absolute perfect squishiness). You could use any meatbun filling recipe you prefer, although note that cooking the meat before coating them in the batter is absolutely required. Trust me on this one. You wouldn't want to try and frost raw meat with this stuff.

Do you realize it has been over a year since the last time I had a meatbun? ;_______; So delicious.

pee ess, will get to closing [community profile] porn_tree and compiling the few fics there tomorrow, hopefully, have been having trouble doing anything but sleeping.



  • Sep. 8th, 2009 at 3:03 PM
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I ain't dead! Just... sick. And as I am a crazy cat-lady without the cats, going out for three birthdays in the space of a week (my own, Dave's sister's, and my Dad's,) would be enough socializing to overwhelm me a bit when healthy. Not that I'm ever really healthy, but in the middle of the week my ears got stopped up and I was too dizzy to walk without reeling around, and then by the weekend, about the time that was clearing up, I started having another one of those weird attacks in my stomach that started all this months-long stomach ailment in the first place, so, yeah. Retreat-into-shell mode!

Interesting note: One of Dave's sisters shares my name (albeit spelled slightly differently), and Dave's other sister has a new boyfriend named Dave. Creepy zone!


By the way, guys, decided to leave the [community profile] porn_tree challenge open a bit longer, until the 15th. Last chance to get in prompts or fics!


UNRELATED TO ANYTHING, I have a question! Some of you guys who also crosspost from DW to LJ have these little "x comments on dreamwidth" thingies at the bottom of your posts. How do you get that? n/m, figured it out. Although now that I need to fiddle with the code until it suits me, my crossposts aren't showing up on LJ and the LJ in general is moving like a snail. Seriously, why am I still throwing money at them?

And on the subject of Dreamwidth, I apparently have 6 invite codes. Comment with your email if you want one!

eta: Crossposting apparently working again, and unexpectedly it would seem that if you edit a past post it sticks the footer on there... Neat!

Sep. 4th, 2009

  • 5:59 PM
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This is a lemur picture. And by lemur picture I mean it was painted by a lemur.

No, really. It was painted by a lemur. One of Dave's sisters works with lemurs at the zoo, and she gave it to me.

Idek why they've got lemurs painting, okay, but I have a picture painted by a lemur, and that's kind of awesome.

Aug. 31st, 2009

  • 4:58 PM
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Also I would just like to note that I am turning 28 tomorrow (for real this time) and if it's all right with you I think I'll start running down the street screaming in terror now.

whole lot of what

  • Aug. 2nd, 2009 at 9:17 AM
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- So, funny thing from the other day that I forgot to post about. You know those obnoxious door-to-door magazine salespeople? The "I have a chance to win blah blah blah if I sell enough of this crap" people? Yeah, we got one of those despite the "no soliciting" sign at the entrance to the neighborhood. So there's this knock at the door and Dave goes to answer it, and the guy's first words:

"Hi, I'm just your friendly neighborhood pedophile! :D"

...Yeah, hon, I don't know where you got that idea for an ice-breaker from, but it is, shall we say, ineffective at best.

- Another thing I keep forgetting to post about: whitewashing book covers is nothing new, but pretending you did it for the sake of the story is a pretty wretched new one on me. The author herself, Justine Larbalestier, talks about how her US publisher, Bloomsbury, whitewashed the cover of her book Liar, putting a white girl on the cover when the protagonist is black. [personal profile] rachelmanija also has a post about it here. Both of those posts sum things up better than I could, but what really burns me the most about the whole business is summed up in this quote:

“I do think it’s going to raise awareness of race in teen literature to new levels,” said Cecka. “Clearly, our striving for ambiguity with this cover, and for it to be interpreted as a ‘lie’ itself didn’t work for everyone. But again, if this jacket proves a catalyst for a bigger discussion about how the industry is dealing with its books on race, that’s a very large good to come of this current whirlwind.”

Yes, because it's not like you were deliberately buying into the racist assumption that black people on book covers won't sell or anything. You did it for the story. Even though the author herself told you the protag was a black girl - clearly you know more about the story than she does! And you're just so concerned about racial issues in the industry; that's totally why you perpetuated the long-standing, racist tradition of white-washing characters of color on book covers - it was to ~open up a dialogue~! Clearly, you deserve a medal for this service you have done.

Oh please, gag me with a spoon.

Anyway, if you're also displeased and would like to let Bloomsbury know, you can contact either Deb Shapiro or Melanie Cecka at deb.shapiro@bloomsburyusa.com and melanie.cecka@bloomsburyusa.com.
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Got a bunch of old books from home to sell, and as I'm going through the boxes, what should I find but my old, battered copy of Dragon of the Lost Sea! M-MY CHILDHOOD. Although if I want to read it again, I'll probably need to wear a particle mask, because Jesus Christ everything in that barn was sending up these huge, sinus-wrenching clouds of dust and pollen and other evil things.

In the back of the book, I found, in what would be my handwriting now if I was deranged and maybe had the DTs, "This is a great book". LOL. Man, I was a retarded kid. Flipping through the books to check on their condition, I'm finding other odd little things, like, for instance, in An Acceptable Time by Madeline L'Engle, a post-it note that inexplicably reads:





Again, it looks like my handwriting, if I'd perhaps downed a bottle of cough syrup and then drank 10 cups of coffee. I dunno, maybe it was for a spelling quiz? But why a post-it? I didn't exactly keep a supply of post-its in my bookbag when I went to school... (Also, if it was for a spelling quiz, the handwriting would sure be unfortunate, since I could barely make out a couple of these words...)

(If anyone's interested, btw, you can find my books for sale here. I'll be putting up a few new ones at a time over the course of forever the next couple of weeks. There's a few BPAL auctions and a few manga and DVDs, too. ALSO DISCLAIMER OH MY GOD - some of those books were given to me, LIKE SAY THE DR. PHIL ONES. Let no one ever come to the mistaken impression that I have anything but the deepest contempt for that man.)


UNRELATEDLY, I kind of wish someone would do another one of those pan-fandom friending memes. I have trouble resisting a friending meme, for some reason. I know I shouldn't! I know I can barely keep up as it is! Well actually it would be quite a stretch to say I keep up, tbh. B-but I'm always getting into things and having no one to talk about them with and, and! And uh every time I see a fandom questionnaire I sort of just feel this burning compulsion to fill it out. :Oa


Well that was... something

  • Jul. 3rd, 2009 at 12:16 PM
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Okay, so I just took my stew out of the microwave and it seriously just... exploded. Twice!

...it's not even all that hot...


  • Jun. 23rd, 2009 at 10:15 PM
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The gas alarm started going off again. I can't deal with this right now. The sound of that thing just. My nerves can't take it. Acid just boiled right up in my stomach.

Christ, people, when you come to fix a gas leak, you fucking fix it. Gas leaks are SERIOUS BUSINESS, okay. You do not half-ass that kind of job.


Anyway, I randomly wrote this. Pandora Hearts, ~700 words. I am totally asking to get jossed on the first part.

Title: Breaking Point
Fandom: Pandora Hearts
Rating: PG/PG-13
Pairing: Raven/Oz-ish, but no more so than the actual manga

>> It hadn't mattered what he'd had to do, if it could help him save Oz; but he'd thought killing would be so much harder.

oh god get it off meeeeeeeee

  • Jun. 15th, 2009 at 8:30 PM
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So I'm wearing a heart monitor! Until 5:30 tomorrow afternoon! And it is the most obnoxious thing ever! And I had no idea they meant to put it on me today and oh my god do you know how awkward I felt leaving covered in wires?! And I have to go out again tomorrow for my ultrasound! While still wearing this thing! laskdjf;aljsd;fl don't look at meeeeee

Also, how am I supposed to sleep tonight! Jesus god this is so uncomfortable!

(disclaimer: This test is not for any dire reason or anything. I've just been having trouble with heart palpitations for a long time, so the doc wanted to make sure there was nothing going on there.)


In other news, I kept thinking my strawberry-kiwi Vitamin Water tasted disconcertingly of incense. Then it hit me that it smelled and tasted (?!!) incredibly strongly of labdanum. In fact, it smelled/tasted of labdanum much more strongly than it smelled/tasted of strawberry or kiwi. I was like, there is seriously labdanum in my drink oh my god this cannot possibly be normal.

...But apparently it is. Apparently it's commonly used by the commercial food industry for things like soft drinks. Go figure. It still kind of freaks me out. Especially since it might as well be called "labdanum" instead of "strawberry-kiwi". I'm not sure I want this flavor again, um.


In OTHER other news, Catherynne Valente and her husband have fallen on hard times financially. She has decided to write a YA story - a particular YA story.

She is writing The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In a Ship of Her Own Making, a book within a book: it was the character November's favorite book from childhood in Palimpsest.

She is going to be posting chapters weekly, for free, but with the request for people to donate what they can, if they can, in exchange. (Needless to say, this book will involve quite a lot less sex than Palimpsest, being YA lit. Also, presumably it will be able to stand on its own without the need to read the other.)

Just wanted to put that out there, in case any fans on the list hadn't heard - and if you haven't read Cat before, this is a good chance to check out her stuff!