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Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Layout and Mixit porting instructions by [ profile] thefulcrum. I made the header image with original art by [ profile] catatonic_cats.

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all the fictional women you hate, aloeswood, androgyny, armadillo!, art, automatism, avatar the last airbender, bad vampire novels, badass butlers, baieido, bifauxnen, bisexuality, bizarre humor, bl, brain fog, buddhism, catherynne valente, chrestomanci, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chrono trigger, city of lost children, cité des enfants perdus, claymore, cowtit sandwich, diana wynne jones, dreams, dudesex, engrish, explodescow, exploding trousers, fahrenheit 451, fairies steal my time, fanfiction, feminism, fluffy cute things, frankincense, fringe, fuck you i'm an armadillo, fuck you she's awesome, gaymoar, gender roles, gluten intolerance, green doors, helen oyeyemi, homo homo ghei, homosexuality, hot ladies in pantsuits, i hate everything, incense, inventing words, japanese incense, japanese pop culture, jerkbending, jinko, keysmashing, kino no tabi, kj bishop, koh, kunmeido, kyoko's lesbo rays, labdanum, lady battle butlers, lady butlers, lady ninja butlers, lesbians, leverage, leviathan, liminal horizons, losing interest in things, lost girl, making incense, medicine seller, meditation, metaphor, mononoke, mushishi, mythology, nalo hopkinson, new weird, no. 6, not hating on raki, olivia bamfing dunham, ooku, osts, ot3s, otherself's hueg sparkly dong, pandora hearts, passionate female friendship, passionate male friendship, permanent lessons on faces, privilege of the sword, ray bradbury, revolutionary girl utena, ridiculously long interest lists, scent, scrying, sekirei, severe unrelenting apathy, sexy villains, sherlock, sherlock sherlocking like an asshole, shousetsu bang bang, shoyeido, skip beat, slipstream, small food bombs, small fuzzy things, smut, soul eater, spina bifida, splodey, stealing people's interests, stop staring at me, stories without villains, surrealism, swordspoint, symbolic cigars, symbolism, tactics, takahiro sakurai, taoism, tarot, tegami bachi, the city curious, the etched city, the last unicorn, the mentalist, the orphan's tales, tomatoes are people too, triangular faces, tricksters, umineko, umineko no naku koro ni, utena, vassalord, warrior women, what, what the shit, white is for witching, writer's block, writing, ya lit, yoshitaka amano, yuki kajiura, yuri
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