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Dec. 18th, 2010

  • 1:56 PM
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Weird dream w/the Leverage team in a post-apocalyptic scenario, but all that was really going on was Sophie trying to finagle her way into a posh hotel room. L-lol why, brain. (She finally got one, but inexplicably, there were rotting root vegetables of some sort in the bathtub.)

Thingie of things

  • Jul. 4th, 2010 at 2:33 AM
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- In my head, Yuki Kajiura's Moonflower is totes the theme song to The Etched City. Just sayin'. It's all holy silver twinkling layered over this lush, green sound that's sort of dirty, like it's covered in a layer of grime. (...I realize my personal reaction to that song might be a little odd.) I can't even listen to it without thinking of the book, esp. the scene near the end with Gwynn in the rain.

- Am I the only person who can spend days on end writing and tweaking and writing and tweaking a story of less than 1000 words? Seriously. This is ridiculous.

(I have retooled the structure of this Umineko ficlet at least three times. Idek.)

- You know, I was gonna post about the shithead's (as you-know-who shall be referred to from now on) massacre of the Avatar series and link to all the hilarious reviews panning it (such as Roger Ebert's), but everyone's already done that, and I just don't have the motivation to deal with talking about it anymore.


- On the subject of whitewashing (but not bad movies), Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix is getting a new cover for its paperback release... and well, just look at it. The cover of the upcoming sequel will pretty much be a carbon copy, too. Sigh.

As I said to [personal profile] inkstone, regardless of whether those women are white or not, we are obviously meant to interpret them that way. And not only are they whitewashed, those covers are completely inappropriate to the material. Those clothes? What the fuck? That modern, teen paranormal romance look? The story is a fantasy adventure set in ancient China, people. I just. What.

I have seen some inexplicable covers, man, but those should come with some 4chan-esque "pic unrelated" label.

- Oh! And I just watched the new eps of Leverage! I spent the whole of 301 going, "Billy is AWESOME! Where did they FIND this guy?! ...And why does he remind me so much of Hardison???" Well uh. Apparently dude playing him was Edwin Hodge, Aldis Hodge's (dude that plays Hardison) brother. *g*


  • Feb. 12th, 2010 at 7:05 PM
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Because J-commercials make everything 10 times better. ...God I love Leverage.

(Also, was it just me, or was that FBI lady near the end... r-really hot?)


Lol @ that massive avalanche of fail in the comments on the [livejournal.com profile] kuroshitsuji comm. (Seriously, do not click on that link unless you are okay with getting a faceful of misogyny and transfail.) That was... special.

Just... general PSA, folks... You're not entitled to knowing what's in a person's pants. I mean, I know I've made jokes before about wanting to know what equipment I'm supposed to imagine when I envision someone sprawled on a bed (...and maybe those jokes were pushing it too far, and if so I apologize), but in all seriousness, YOU AREN'T.

And I am not even going to bother covering the "ew, girl cooties" bit, because jfc, how many times.

Liek ttly Suesville

  • Sep. 11th, 2009 at 6:38 PM
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Man, Leverage S2 09 barely managed to finish broadcasting before all the shrieks of "Mary Sue!" and "Kill it with fire!" started rolling in. Lol fandom. Y u so predictable?

Somewhat spoilery snark. )

Though I'm sure that despite all logic, if you stomp around and define the term "Mary Sue" for us enough times, we'll agree with you. Yeah uh no.

Aaanyway, I too am hoping for Gina Bellman's imminent return to the show, since the whole dynamic's thrown without her, but I'm kinda liking Jeri Ryan's character so far, too. I hope they don't overdo Hardison's attraction to her in order to create tension between Hardison and Parker; that would be a little too cliche for my tastes. (Although I'm curious as to how jealousy would manifest itself in Parker. She's much too bizarre for any normal kind of jealous behavior.) Approve of Eliot's longer hair, and also the merciful laying off of the hair mousse. He looks much better like this.

Am now wondering what the hell I am going to do until January. x_x How is it that if I get into an American show, it's right before or during an incredibly long hiatus? It happened with Avatar, too.

And I suppose I never said anything about last week's Leverage, either. Eh. This:

Says allll I could need to say.
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes you guys! ♥ I got money. A hundred bucks! If you think I am going to spend it all on incense I would say that you are exactly right a dirty liar. (Hey, I'll probably spend like 20 of it on a book or two.)


Just caught up to present on Leverage.

That was the most ridiculous fight scene I have ever seen. ELIOT VS. LADY!ELIOT?! Complete with gratuitous partial stripping?! AND YOU DIDN'T THINK THAT WAS ENOUGH, YOU JUST HAD TO DRENCH THEM IN WATER TOO?!

...So can someone please explain to me why exactly that was so



Something tells me these script writers know their audience.

You know, the weird thing about this show is, not a single one of the characters are my type in terms of looks (no, not even Eliot - maybe even especially Eliot), but they're all so magnetic that they're ridiculously hot anyway. All of them. Idek.


  • Aug. 31st, 2009 at 3:14 AM
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Fuck me if those writers aren't doing it on purpose!

ALSO EPISODE 11. The. The thing. With Parker and Hardison. I SCREAMED. Okay um I know I said I almost expected any two characters to start making out at any time, but I didn't think it would ACTUALLY HAPPEN? Even in context that was um! UM.


HardisonParkerEliot HardisonParkerEliot HardisonParkerEliot HardisonParkerEliot a;ldskjfa;lsdkjfa;slkdjf I need iconssss.
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Pandora Hearts 21:

AUGH, why do they insist on taking the Duchess out of everything?! I love the Duchess!

Aside from that, I felt the pacing was kind of awkward, and the impact was lessened. I did appreciate that Alice got a moment to protect Oz and be her awesome self, and I loved the music they played for the introduction of the Will.


In other news, I finally got around to watching a few episodes of Leverage! And... IT IS KIND OF AWESOME? I, uh, I sort of watched the first four episodes in a row.

What is this! I do not watch television! Television is boring! I don't even have a tag for television!

...Well, I am watching it on my computer, so I guess I can say it doesn't count.

The cast! They are all batshit fucking insane! (But especially Parker.) And they all have so much chemistry with each other! I almost expect any two characters to just start RANDOMLY MAKING OUT at ANY TIME. It's not even that it's sexual chemistry (...well, in some cases it is, but...), it's just that THERE'S SO MUCH OF IT. OOZING. AND STICKY. AND EVERYWHERE.

(But I swear, the slashy subtext in that one scene with Parker and Sophie and the harness had to be intentional. Either that or their actresses are banging.)