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YOU ARE ALL FIRED. okay not really but.)

Anyway, so here I am watching BOSS 2. And then during this kind of tense scene, I go, "Wow, that music sounds a lot like that one song from Fringe!" And then a few more moments pass, and I'm like, "Wait, no, that song ACTUALLY IS from Fringe."

(IT WAS VERY UNNERVING. I missed whole chunks of dialogue due to the weirdness of my Fringe intruding in on my BOSS.)

So like the huge nerd I am, I tracked down the soundtracks for Fringe, and discovered which song it was. ("A New Day in the Old Town," for the curious.) I even played them side by side, and the BOSS bgm isn't even redone with different instruments or anything - they just lifted the track directly from the soundtrack.

And then! While I was looking back through for the scene with the Fringe song! I realized that that one song that had sounded vaguely familiar to me the first time, but which I hadn't paid much attention to, was actually from the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie!

I lawled. Now I'm wondering whether US shows/movies make a habit of licensing out their music to foriegn shows, or if J-dramas just make a habit of ripping background music from random sources. XD;;

(My verdict on BOSS 2, btw - aside from the random music - is that it's kind of missing some of the heart of the first season, but it's still a lot of fun.)

So what I am saying here is I am a goldfish

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- Re: Lost Girl ep 8: OMG. OMG. OMG.

Spoilerific screecaps, NSFW. OMG!!! )


I hope it's not too long with the angst before they get back to... that.

(Incidentally, the sex scene with Dyson at the beginning renewed my curiosity as to WHAT THE HELL DON'T THEY ALLOW ON CANADIAN TV???)

- This movie. This movie, you guys. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. (This movie had green dream doors. Universal unconscious, you are creepy and awesome.)

- Watched the first 7 eps of Undercovers, upon discovering it existed, which I only did because people were wailing about it being canceled. Woe! For it is adorable. Fluffy caper show with bickering married couple spies! And the leads are POC! WHY.

- Watched the first two episodes of this kdrama full of puppies and kittens and and all that is adorable in the world and also a perpetually drunk Jang Geun Suk giving a girl a cabbage bouquet. It is called Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me Mary and I think my insides may have rotted out. You should all go look at [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's picspams of the first two episodes because they are hysterical.

What to waaaaatch idk

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HAY GUYS recommend dramas to me! I haven't really seen all that many since I only recently got into them, and I don't know how to find what I want other than randomly trying things.

Some things that I like in a drama (or well anything really)!

- Comedy, both of the hysterical oh-my-god-crying sort (You're Beautiful) and the quirky, odd sort (Room of King). I am especially looking for funny things right now b/c I'm in the mood to laugh.

- Eyecandy (pretty boys and badass women!)


- Feminist themes


- Amazing writing (this is completely optional, I mean, I love cheesy crap, but I also really appreciate something that can blow me away)


Some dramas that I have seen some or all of that I really enjoyed:

You're Beautiful
Liar Game
Love Shuffle
Tokyo Dogs
Room of King
Beethoven Virus (omg you guys this is AMAZING but so intense I can only take it in little chunks)
Antique Bakery (the K-movie, which is kind of cheating BUT I REALLY LIKED IT OKAY)

(You may notice that I have yet to watch any Taiwanese dramas at all.)

I also desperately want to see Top Caster and Rikon Bengoshi but I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHEREEEEE. Sobbb Amami Yuki ♥



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Tae Kyung explains RP slash fic to Our Heroine:

...Meanwhile, Jeremy is on the edge of his seat!

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In less overtly enraging but still irritating news, after tearing through both S1 and S2 of Liar Game in the space of a few days, I am forced to admit that I sort of really really like it. This is galling! Because this show, it irritates me in so many ways! Most of them circling back around to the fact that it is the standard "dumb-as-a-sack-of-hammers, incompetent, yet ~pure and good~ girl who has to turn to the bad boy genius to save her" plot.

Seriously, why do you never see this situation in reverse? The dumb but sweet and pure boy who needs the big strong bad-ass lady to get his ass out of trouble? I am also irritated by the fact that the one example we get of a female genius is a stone-cold evil bitch who was always playing number two to the resident bad boy genius back before he was a bad boy.

And yet.

And yet.


Liar Game is about a young woman, Nao, who gets unwillingly caught up in a game of deceit where players try to cheat each other out of vast sums of money; she, being hopelessly honest and trusting, gets cheated out of said vast sum of money, and ends up seeking the help of a professional con-man, Akiyama, to get it back. Akiyama reluctantly saves her ass. Only after he saves her once, she ends up needing saving again... and again... And now he can't get rid of her, because he's that sort. You know the kind. The kind that pretend to be aloof but are actually huge squishy woobies with ~feelings~.

Nao and Akiyama, man. THEY ARE ADORABLE. Even though I kept reminding myself that this set-up is a sexist cliche and it annoys the everliving shit out of me, Nao's constant ":D:D:D! LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS!" and Akiyama's constant twitchy-faced "DL:FKJS:DLKJ FLAILING WITH EXASPERATION UNDER MY STOIC MASK RIGHT NOW BRB" sort of snuck under my radar and hit me with the ship bat.

Picspam pretty much sums up their relationship. )

Also, Akiyama is played by Matsuda Shota. Matsuda Shota is new TV boyfriend #2. His face took some getting used to for me, but his voice. It. It does... things. To me. It reminds me immensely of Takahiro Sakurai's Medicine Seller, and well, you all know how I feel about that.

(...Actually, it's a shame that this role required him to have a nigh-perpetual scowl, because he is about 200x more attractive when he smiles.)

Then there's Mushroom Head. Who stepped straight out of Scooby Doo. Constant villainous laughter and "THOSE MEDDLING KIDS!!!"-style lines included. Oh my god he is the most hilarious thing I can't even -

Yes that is seriously what he looks like. Greatest teammate/villain ever I swear to god. It's like he's Xellos, only completely without dignity.

eta: I have been informed that apparently in the original manga this character is... a crossdresser? a transwoman? generally genderqueer? After looking at a few pages from the manga, I am not clear on which, but either way, the fact that they changed him (or her) into a simply flamboyant man with a penchant for pink lipgloss in the drama is pretty... aggravating to say the least!

And then. And then. There's Kichise Michiko prancing around in a black pantsuit for the entire series. FFFFFFFFFFFFF

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF what I wouldn't give for an entire series of just. THAT. The bodyguard stances and the little swagger and the cold, faint smile and alsdfj;alskj;al. (Why is this woman never a protagonist? Is it because of her positively evil-looking smile? BUT I LIKE PROTAGONISTS WITH EVIL SMILES COME ON.)

Basically what I am saying here is I need the movie like NOW jfc. I am highly intrigued by those shippy-looking scenes in the trailer, considering that for the whole series there have only been a few of the vaguest of implications that there might be something between Nao and Akiyama. (Although if the movie actually pairs them up I'll eat my shoe. This is the sort of series where that sort of thing is never resolved.)


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After watching 4 episodes of Hana Yori Dango (Japanese drama version), I am forced to conclude that it is actually two entirely different shows mashed together. One of them is absolutely hysterically funny and charming! The other is INTENSELY DISTURBING AND INFURIATING.

There is so much OH MY GOD JUST WHY WOULD YOU EVER in such a short space I can't even -

Okay so, let's have the Designated Love Interest be the kind of scummy asshole that would actually try to get the heroine gang raped to run her out of the school! Then, later, when he has started to actually act like something akin to a human being, let's have her friend backstab her and get a random guy at a club to slip her a roofie and take half-naked pictures of her next to him, and then spread them around the school! And then, to top it off, let's have Designated Love Interest not believe her when she tries to tell him that this wasn't her doing and decide she must be a cheating bitch (nevermind the fact that she has never agreed to go out with him in the first place)! This sounds great, right?!

NO. No, this sounds perfectly AWFUL, what were you THINKING.

It's all the more upsetting because when the show is funny and charming, it's really funny and charming. And then they just keep throwing all this jarringly awful sexist bullshit in there. Am I seriously supposed to be rooting for this couple? SERIOUSLY???

I am told that the manga for this is just as awful, which, considering that it is supposedly the best selling shoujo manga of all time, disturbs me on so many levels I can't even begin to enumerate them.
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WAH, didn't intend the long radio silence! Brain pudding, brb.

So anyway, there's this DRAMA. It's called Room of King. And you should all watch it! Only the last three episodes haven't been subbed, despite it having been out for two years already. SOBBB WHY

It's a very odd comedy about these nine people who get "scouted" by three bizarre real estate agents (one of whom bears an eerie resemblance to George Carlin) to share a ritzy apartment at low cost. This is part of some kind of game, and whoever "wins" the game - whatever that means - gets to keep the apartment all to him/herself and the others have to leave.

The premise didn't really sound all that much like something I'd like, but I checked it out anyway because my new tv boyfriend Mizushima Hiro plays one of the characters (Mori Jiro). But then! IT WAS BRILLIANT. It's actually really, really well written! It is bizarre and cracktastic, and also hilarious and charming, and touching in really unexpected ways. You guys, this show puts the biggest, stupidest grin on my face, for serious. It's feel-good in a really genuine, honest way, without being sappy (a propensity towards overabundance of sap being one of the things I tend not to like about Asian dramas).

The plot seems to focus the most on four of the nine roomies: cut for pics and descriptions )

They are all SO ADORABLE, you guys, I just want to squeeze them. ;; Seriously, WATCH THIS SHOW. Maybe if there was more interest in the damn thing it would get subbed faster. Look, if you don't watch it Moriji will cry.


ETA: You can watch it streaming here, or you can download it at [livejournal.com profile] jdramas (you have to join the comm to see the posts).


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Watched Tokyo Dogs. SCREAM


So when I started watching this show I thought to myself, "Those three look really cute together, it'd be nice if an OT3-ish angle developed. Sigh, like that'll happen."


Where is the fanfic. Where is the fanfic.
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So I was watching Mr. Brain and had this shit sprung on me unexpectedly.


You shouldn't drop Gackt on people unawares, for srs. SHOCKU.

is it a bad sign when you can't stop laughing at Gackt trying to eat people? LOOK ALL I AM SAYING IS THAT THIS IS PATENTLY HILARIOUS